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I have a partiotic project to share today that I created with Moxxie's fabulous Hometown Celebration collection, a festive and fun placeholder with a surprise inside. I found a package of party favor boxes from The Gift Wrap Company in the clearance section of one of my favorite stores. These boxes had a unique design with a star shaped closure on the top. I immediately thought of the Fourth of July holiday and wanted to make something special using these boxes as a template.

1 Sheet Star-Spangled (HC-1211) Patterned Paper
1 Sheet Yankee Doodle (HC-1214) Patterned Paper
Party Favor Template
Computer-Generated Names and Messages
 Cupcake Papers
 Red, White and Blue Candies

Step One: Trace around the party favor template onto a piece of the Star-Spangled patterned paper. Carefully cut the shape from the patterned paper. Note: One sheet of 12x12 paper will make two placeholders.

Step Two: Using the party favor template as a guide, score the patterned paper along the same lines. Add adhesive to the bottom edge of the rectangular flap, around the edges of the hexagon flap and down the right edge of the placeholder.

Step Three: Fold the bottom flaps up and in and press down to secure them to the hexagon flap. Press the two side flaps together.

Step Four: Print and cut into strips a computer-generated message for your party guests. Place the message, along with some red, white, and blue candy into a cupcake paper and place inside the placeholder box.

Step Five: Pinch each top flap together and fold into the center of the placeholder to close the box.

Step Six: Cut a star from the Yankee Doodle patterned paper.

Step Seven: Attach the star to the top of a toothpick. Add a name pennant to the toothpick. Cut a piece of yarn and tie in a bow around the bottom of the toothpick. To finish, insert the toothpick into the center of the top of the placeholder.

These festive placeholders are sure to be the star of any patriotic party! Swap the patterned paper and use this placeholder for a variety of occasions. I decided to keep the design of my box simple, but there is plenty of room to add embellishments to the outside of the placeholder.

Thanks for stopping by today! If you find inspiration in this or any other project created by one of the Moxxie Muses, be sure to share your creation with us on the Moxxie facebook page.


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