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Happy Card by Dana Tatar Featuring Beaded Ribbon Trim

I have yards and yards of pretty trims to choose from, but I usually use only one of piece of ribbon or lace on a project. I do not have any problems layering and embellishing patterned papers for my projects, but I usually only lay a piece of lace flat or tie some ribbon into a bow for my layouts and cards. By combining several pieces of ribbon and lace and a handful of beads and sequins, I transformed simple supplies into a beautiful piece of trim that helped make my card extra special.


Layering Simple Ribbon and Lace for Beading by Dana Tatar

Step One: Layer the ribbons and lace by width, widest on the bottom, and pin in place.

DIY Beaded and Sequined Layered Ribbon Tutorial by Dana Tatar

Step Two: Sew the sequins and beads onto the ribbon.

Combine simple ribbons and lace with beads and sequins to create expensive looking trim for less!

Step Three: Cut any uneven ends of ribbon from the piece of trim. Add to project.

Beaded Ribbon Trim Tutorial by Dana Tatar


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