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Melted Crayon Speech Bubble Cupcake Topper Tutorial by Dana Tatar

I am excited to share this tutorial for Tando Creative's Third Birthday Celebration! When I think of birthdays, thoughts of cake, candles and fun colors come to mind. I recently melted some crayons for a project. As I was working, I noticed that a pool of swirled, melted wax was collected on my craft mat. I thought it would be fun to see if I could transfer the pattern onto a piece of chipboard for use as a fun and funky background, reminiscent of the colored drips of melted candle wax atop birthday cake candles. I am thrilled with the results!

Melted Crayon Speech Bubble Cupcake Toppers Supplies

Small Speech Bubbles
Computer-Generated Sentiments
Heat Gun
Craft Mat
Paint (optional)
Shimmer Spray (optional)
Rhinestones (optional)

Use a Paint Pen to Color the Edges of Chipboard Speech Bubbles

Step One: Cover the edges of the speech bubbles with a coat of paint. Note: This step is optional. I like the finished look the painted edges give to my finished project.

Melting Crayon Surface Prep

Step Two: Remove the paper from the crayons and glue to a piece of heavy chipboard. Note: Gluing the crayons to a piece of chipboard helps hold the crayons in place while melting and provides a safe place to hold the crayons while keeping your hand protected from the heat during the melting process.

How to Safely Melt Crayons for Crafts

Step Three: Using a heat gun, melt the crayons onto a non-stick craft mat. Note: A hair dryer works well for gently melting the crayons, but will not provide the heat necessary to produce a large pool of melted wax needed for this project.

Melting Crayons for Crafts

Step Four: Once there is a nice pool of melted crayon on the craft mat, quickly dip the speech bubbles into the hot melted crayons. Using tweezers carefully lift the chipboard from the melted crayons.

Melted Crayon Dipped Chipboard Speech Bubbles

Step Five: Check that the entire piece of chipboard is covered with crayon. Any blank areas can be re-dipped into the melted crayon by applying more heat to the cooled pool of wax on the craft mat. Any raised areas of crayon on the chipboard can be smoothed out by applying heat to the chipboard with the heat gun. Be careful not to apply too much heat, or put the heat gun too close to the chipboard, or the crayons will melt off the chipboard.

Glazed Melted Crayon Chipboard Speech Bubbles

Step Six: I like to add sparkle to my projects so I brushed on a layer of Shimmer Texture Spray. The Goosebumps gives the chipboard a glossy, sparkly finish. (This step is optional.)

Melted Crayon Speech Bubble Cupcake Toppers by Dana Tatar

Step Seven: Add the computer-generated sentiments and rhinestones to the speech bubbles. Attach a stick to each speech bubble, insert into cupcakes, and enjoy!

Happy Birthday Melted Crayon Cupcake Toppers by Dana Tatar

I used a rainbow of colors for this project, but a monochromatic, bold, pastel or neon color palette would look fantastic.

Melted Crayon Speech Bubble Cupcake Topper Tutorial by Dana Tatar


  1. WOW! These are just STUNNING Dana. Really super and sure to put a smile on someone's face! Gorgeous xx

  2. Love the speech bubbles. This idea is so creative! I have seen melted wax canvases, but the look on these tiny canvases is fabulous! Great job thinking out of the (crayon) box!


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