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Hi! I'm sharing a faux stained glass card that I created with the Large Vintage Girl 5x7 Embossing Folder and some of my favorite colors of Glitzin' Glamour Glitter Glue for Couture Creations today.You can create a card like this for yourself in several simple steps with a little patience and plenty of drying time.

Step One: Cut a piece of cardstock to measure 5 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches and emboss using the Large Vintage Girl 5x7 Embossing Folder. Do not trim the extra cardstock from the embossed design (shown at the top of my embossed cardstock piece above). This extra paper will be used to create a flap to attach the back side of the card in a later step.

Step Two: Using a Precision Craft Knife, carefully cut the cardstock from inside the embossed design. Note: I did not cut all the cardstock from several of the larger flourishes around the edge of the frame to add stability to my design. Do not worry about cutting perfectly.  All edges will be cleaned up in a subsequent step.

Once the majority of the cardstock is cut from the embossed design, use a ruler and a Precision Craft Knife to remove the embossed piece from the cardstock, creating a frame. Use a pair of Craft Scissors to cut the cardstock away from the edge of the embossed design, leaving a pretty decorative edge.

Trim the clear packaging from the Large Vintage Girl 5x7 Embossing Folder to fit the cardstock frame.  This piece will serve as the base of the front of the card. If you don't have a piece of clear packaging on hand, a piece of acetate will also work although it will not be as sturdy.

Step Three: Glue the Large Vintage Girl frame to the piece of clear packaging.  Fill in the spaces of the design with your favorite colors of Glitzin' Glamour Glitter Glue and set aside to dry. Note: I found that a toothpick was a great tool for spreading the Glitzin' Glamour into the small spaces of this design.

Step Four: Glue the cardstock frame from Step Two to the top of the plastic piece. Apply a layer of black puffy paint over the black cardstock. The black paint will cover all the cut edges of the cardstock and fill in the small debossed areas of the cardstock that were not cut away in Step Two, creating a smooth finish that resembles the solder found on true stained glass pieces. Set aside to dry.

Step Five: Cut a piece of cardstock to measure 5 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches. This piece will be the back of the card. Score the longer side of the cardstock frame on the front piece of the card to create a flap. Adhere a piece of Double Sided Tape to the underside of the flap, place the piece of cardstock that was just cut behind the front of the card and fold over the flap, securing the back side of the card.

Step Six: Embellish the front of the card to finish.  I added lines of black puffy paint from the center of each flourished edge to the center of each side of the frame to "attach" my glittered image to the frame, making it look more like a real stained glass window. I also added some rhinestones and a sentiment, changing the direction of my card from how it was shown above, to fit the stamp I chose to use.

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Couture Creations Supplies:
CO723447 Elegance Collection: Large Vintage Girl 5x7 Embossing Folder
CO721975 Glitzin' Glamour: Lilac
CO721972 Glitzin' Glamour: Purple
CO721969 Glitzin' Glamour: Pink
CO721974 Glitzin' Glamour: Hot Pink
CO721975 Glitzin' Glamour: Green
CO721973 Glitzin' Glamour: Violet
CO721979 Glitzin' Glamour: Red
CO721976 Glitzin' Glamour: Gold
CO721955 Sharp Point Scissors - Non Stick Black
CO721986 Handheld Essentials - Precision Craft Knife
CO721984 Double Sided Tape - 12mm x 50m
CO721966 Tape Cutter - Pink
CO721957 15" x 15" Self Healing Cutting Mat


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