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Mixed Media layout with textured embellishments, monoprint, and fabric flowers, for Fall

Hi! I'm sharing a layout and tutorial that I created for Marivic's "Autumn is in the Air" October Challenge for Berry71Bleu today. I recently visited a local apple orchard, one of my favorite things to do each fall. The colors of the leaves and apples at the orchard were amazing and were my inspiration for this page. This layout features a 6x6 monoprint that I created with a Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate and Speedball Block Printing Ink.

Autumn Gelli Plate Monoprint with Trees and Leaves

The Speedball Block Printing Ink is so vibrant and I had a blast adding layers of color to this print.

Mixed Media Autumn Tag on Scrapbook Layout

I added one of Marivic's gorgeous handmade tags to my page. If you'd like to purchase a Berry71Bleu Handmade Tag, contact Marivic!

DIY Fabric Flower on Mixed Media Fall Scrapbook Layout

I also added one of Marivic's beautiful handmade flowers that I received in my Zeus and Zoe Green with Envy Embellishment Kit. You can find similar kits HERE. In addition to my monoprint, I also used Speedball Block Printing Ink to add color to a piece of corrugated cardboard.

Fall Themed Monoprint Tutorial

Gelli Plate Mono Print Supplies from Gelli Arts and Speedball

I used my favorite stencils and masks, a 6x6 Gelli Arts Gelli Plate and several colors of Speedball Block Printing Ink to create my print. I experimented with several types of paper and found that plain white copy paper produced the best results for me. I also found that it helped to have several pieces of paper on hand for the printing process. Whenever I wasn't sure how a design would turn out, I would test the design on another piece of paper, rather than go straight to my print. I also want to add that I'm a Gelli Plate newbie. I made several prints that went straight to the trash before I produced designs that I was happy with. I've included the steps on how I made the print from above, mistakes and all. :)

How to draw patterns on a Gelli Plate with a paintbrush

I started by covering my plate with a thin layer of bright Yellow ink. I removed some of the paint, creating a pattern of random circles and dots, with the end of a paintbrush. I carefully laid a piece of copy paper over the plate and pressed gently over the plate to transfer the ink to my paper. I then carefully removed the paper from the plate by peeling up a corner and pulling the paper off.

How to Use a Gelli Arts Gelli Plate to Create a Monoprint

The top print is the first impression from the plate. Most of my circle design is not visible, so I could have removed more paint in the previous step. The bottom print is the second impression from my plate. The second print picked up the rest of the paint from the plate, and because there was less paint on the plate, my circle design showed up much better but the color is less intense. Note: My plan at this point was to work with both prints. We'll see what I end up with!

How to Use a Gelli Arts Gelli Plate with Speedball Block Printing Ink and a Tattered Angels Glimmer Screen

I'm working with my lightest colors of paint first, so my next choice was this bold Magenta ink. Once my ink was spread evenly over the plate I laid a Glimmer Screen from the Vintage Seasons set onto the plate.

Pink and Yellow Tree Monoprints from a Gelli Plate

The top left print is the first impression and the second print is on the bottom left. (I accidentally created the pink smudge on both prints while removing the second print from the plate. I caught the edge of my first print and they stuck together! Just one consequence of working quickly and trying to take photos!) The print on the right is from a third pass over the plate. I flipped the stencil over before I made this print. Note: The thin layers of paint dry quickly on the plate, but do take longer to dry on the paper. I'm not waiting for my prints to dry before moving on to the next layer of color. Dry paint can be removed from the plate with a baby wipe. I'm working with a pan of water next to me that I can toss stencils, brushes and brayers into for later cleanup.

How to use a Stencil with a Gelli Arts Gelli Plate and Speedball Block Printing Ink

I spread a mix of Light Red and Gold ink for my next layer of color. I used more paint than the previous steps here due to the thickness of The Crafter's Workshop Stencil. While making previous prints, I found that I really needed a lot of ink in order for the triangle design to transfer to the paper.

Tree Mono Print with Stenciled Triangles

Again, the top left print is the first impression and the second print is on the bottom left. The print on the right resulted from pressing the pink tree print from above over the plate after I removed the stencil. As you can see my pink tree was completely covered up! I learned that dark colors look great on prints, but are much better when applied to small areas through a mask!

How to Use Stencils and Masks with a Gelli Plate

For the next layer I've mixed Green and Turquoise ink. You don't have to add color to the entire plate each time! I thought it would be fun to add some flowers and leaves to the top of my print over the branches of my tree. I was a little hesitant to add this directly to my first print, which I was happy with, so I started with my second print, which ended up being a great idea! Note: I have to apologise for not taking a photo of the prints after this step! I'll explain the results of this pressing after the next step.

How to Use Masks and Stencils to Create Prints on a Gelli Plate

Next, I covered my plate with Gold ink and added another Glimmer Screen and a Studio Calico mask. The masks I chose are quite small in comparison to the plate and there is a lot of ink that will transfer directly to the print, covering most of the design, so I'm going to start again with my second print, to remove most of the ink from the plate.

Gel Plate Monoprint Tutorial by Dana Tatar

The print on the left is the second print, which has become my test paper. The Green/Turquoise layer from two steps prior did cover half of my print, so it was a good idea for me to not go ahead and transfer that color directly to my first print. The first print is on the right. I went back over the Green/Turquoise layer a second time which resulted in the small areas of green. I think I would have better results using a larger, less detailed leaf and flower masks. Looking at the print on the right again, I flipped the leaf mask from the Green/Turquoise step over onto my print to try to transfer the leaf design that way and the ink was too dry, which is why the leaf impression is so faint.

Looking at the print on the left again, I correctly predicted the results from the Gold layer of color. Most of the print was covered, the circle pattern didn't transfer well and the tree looks more like a blob. Instead of placing my first print over the plate to pick up the color, I only pressed the top left corner of the first print over the circle mask, picking up a little of the Gold ink.

How to Paint on a Gel Plate with a Paintbrush

For the final layer of my print, I wanted to bring in a leaf pattern to dress up my tree and a bold pop of color, so I used a stencil and a paintbrush to add a Turquoise leaf pattern to my plate that I then transferred to my print.

Autumn Monoprint with Tree and Leaves

Here is my finished print. Thanks for sticking with me! I took Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Getting Started with the Gelli Plate Online Class which was a great help and huge inspiration to me. At only $15, her class is a major steal!

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Mixed Media Fall Scrapbook Layout with a Tree Monoprint


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