Izink-Dyed Fabric Wrapped Bangles Tutorial - Clearsnap March Color Challenge

Izink-Dyed Fabric Wrapped Bangle Wrapped Bracelet Tutorial by Dana Tatar

Hi! I'm sharing a fun tutorial for the Clearsnap March Color Challenge today. I up-cycled some plain plastic bangle bracelets my girls received in a Happy Meal into a fun and color Spring accessory that they are now proud to wear. I selected several colors of Izink that matched the March Inspiration Board for this project.

The beautiful pinks, oranges and yellows have me thinking Spring! I paired those bright colors with gold for a pop of sparkle. There are over 25 colors of Izink so personalizing this project to a different color preference is not a problem! Try mixing Izinks to create one-of-a-kind shades.

Supplies: Izink, Izink Spray Bottle, Bangle Bracelets, Cotton, Rubber Bands

Preparing Muslin Frabric Strips for Tie-Dyeing with Izink by Dana Tatar

Step One: Tear cotton into strips. I used a 1-inch by 36-inch strip of cotton for the wide bangle and 1/2-inch by 36-inch strips of cotton for the thin bangles. Note: Tearing the cotton yields a fun frayed edge that gives the finished bangle more texture. The bangles I used for this project are about 2.5 inches in diameter. A larger bangle will require more fabric.

How to Tie Fabric for Tie-Dyeing by Dana Tatar

Step Two: Spritz the cotton strips with water and roll into small bundles. Secure the cotton bundles with rubber bands. Note: Spritzing the cotton with water will help pull the Izink into the fabric.

How to Tie-Dye with Izink by Dana Tatar

Step Three: Dip the fabric bundles into Izink. Apply Izink directly onto the bundles from the dropper for a more concentrated burst of color. Note: I thinned the Izink with water to help the fabric absorb the color. Izink colors: Tulip, Mango, Mimosa, Orchid, Safran, Gold

Tie-Dyeing with Izink by Dana Tatar

Step Four: Spritz the dyed bundles once more with water and set aside to dry.

Izink Tie-Dyed Muslin Fabric Strips by Dana Tatar

Step Five: Unwrap the dry bundles and iron out the wrinkles.

How to Wrap Bangle Bracelets with Tie-Dyed Fabric by Dana Tatar

Step Six: Place the center of a fabric strip on a bangle and wrap both ends of the fabric around the bangle until the bracelet is covered.

Izink Tie-Dyed Fabric Wrapped Bangle Bracelet by Dana Tatar

Step Seven: Tie the fabric in a knot to finish. Trim away any excess fabric. Repeat the wrapping process for the remaining bangles.

Izink Tie-Dyed Fabric Wrapped Bangle Bracelts by Dana Tatar

Try personalizing this project further by stamping a design onto the fabric with ColorBox Crafter's Ink, ColorBox Blends or Smooch Glitz before wrapping the bangles. Thanks for stopping by today!

Clearsnap Supplies:
Izink: Gold, Mango, Mimosa, Orchid, Safran, Tulip
Izink Spray Bottle

Other Supplies: Bangle Bracelets, Cotton, Rubber Bands

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Izink Tie-Dyed Fabric Wrapped Bangle Bracelts Tutorial by Dana Tatar


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh these are gorgeous! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dana this is like the tie-and-dye or the colorful dyed fabrics 'Bandhej' from Rajasthan, India :)


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