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Embossed Fiesta Print Leather Cuff Tutorial by Dana Tatar

Hi! I'm sharing a piece of jewelry that I created for Clearsnap today. Adding character to a plain leather cuff is easy and fun with the Clearsnap Fiesta Queue and Clearsnap Embossing Powder. This fun statement piece will brighten up my wardrobe all Summer long!

How to Color a Leather Bracelet with Pigment Ink by Dana Tatar

Step One: I used the Altenew Modern Beadwork Stamp Set to create a stencil for inking the leather cuff. I stamped one design onto a piece of scrap cardstock three times and then cut the center stamp out of the cardstock to create a guide for inking. This template ensures that my colorful design will be the same size down the entire bracelet. I then used the Clearsnap Colorbox Fiesta Cat's Eye Pigment Ink Queue to add vibrant color to the leather cuff.

How to Seal Pigment Ink to Leather with Embossing Powder by Dana Tatar

Step Two: The generous drying time of pigment ink makes it great for embossing! I covered the inked bracelet with Clearsnap Clear Embossing Powder and applied heat to seal the color. Note: This step is a must! Pigment ink is not permanent until embossed!

Stamped Leather Cuff Bracelet by Dana Tatar

Step Three: Use the same stamp from Step One, with Colorbox Dragonfly Black Pigment Ink, to add a beadwork pattern to the bracelet. I chose to stamp the blue segments of color.

Stamped and Colored Leather Cuff Bracelet by Dana Tatar

Heat emboss the black ink with Colorbox Black Embossing Powder.

Open Embossed Fiesta Print Leater Cuff by Dana Tatar

Step Four: Add a charm to the center of the bracelet.

Embossed Fiesta Print Leather Cuff Bracelet on Wrist by Dana Tatar

I absolutely love how this cuff turned out! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Clearsnap Supplies:
Colorbox Clear Embossing Powder
Colorbox Black Embossing Powder
Colorbox Dragonfly Black Pigment Ink Pad
Colorbox Fiesta Cat's Eye Pigment Ink Queue

Altenew Stamp Set: Modern Beadwork

Published in Just Mixed Media! Magazine Volume 1, Pages 104-105

Embossed Fiesta Print Leather Cuff Bracelet Tutorial by Dana Tatar


  1. I love it! Such gorgeous colours and design, brilliant idea!

  2. Such gorgeous colors! I loveeeeeeee it!!!!!

  3. when you have an art cleanup, I'm coming over! this is fabulous!

  4. Cool bracelet, but was the charm already put together like that? What is the charm's source?

    1. Hi Liz. I purchased the charm as is from Michael's. The leather cuff is from Blue Moon Beads. I found the charm in the same section, but it may not be part of the Blue Moon Beads collection. Thanks for stopping by!


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