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Surf Shack Paper Beach Hut with Tropical Flowers Shells and Palm Trees
Hi! I'm sharing the beach house I put together using the super fun Summer Loving collection from FabScraps. I don't usually create 3D projects out of paper, but I was inspired by some of my teammates, who also created beach houses, to give it a try. I used two Tim Holtz dies to create this house, the Village Dwelling and the Village Surf Shack. I used an additional Tim Holtz die set, Tropical, to cut the paper embellishments I arranged around the circular chipboard base. I really love the coordinating chipboard that is included in every FabScraps collection as well as the textured cardstock that matches their paper.

Surf Shack Paper Beach Hut with Tropical Flowers Shells and Palm Trees

Surf Shack Paper Beach Hut with Tropical Flowers Shells and Palm Trees

The cover from the Summer Loving Chipboard Album made a great support piece for this beach scene. After a coat of acrylic paint, I trimmed the bottom edge of the chipboard cover to create a straight edge the piece could stand on. I glued the back of the house to the bottom of the chipboard ring and embellished it with paper die-cuts and chipboard pieces. I saved the Geami packing paper that was wrapped around a set of glasses to decorate the roof. I think it makes a pretty good imitation of a thatched straw roof!

Surf Shack Paper Beach Hut with Tropical Flowers Shells and Palm Trees

Here's a close-up of the textured cardstock offered by FabScraps. I love that I was able to add some visual interest to this piece without the extra step of dry embossing.

How to Assemble a Beach House Using the FabScraps Summer Loving Collection

Summer Loving Chipboard Album Cover (DC93 001)
Summer Loving Carder’s Pack (MC93 001)
Summer Loving Beach Life Chipboard (DC93 003)
Summer Loving Seahorse and Starfish Chipboard (DC93 009)
Summer Loving Flip Flops Patterned Paper (C92 002)
FabScraps Cardstock – Blush (CC022)
FabScraps Cardstock – Cloud (CC025)
FabScraps Cardstock – Crimson (CC016)
FabScraps Cardstock – Army Green (CC009)
FabScraps Cardstock – Hot Chocolate (CC014)
Yellow Cardstock
Green Cardstock
Sizzix/Tim Holtz Tropical Die Set
Sizzix/Tim Holtz Village Dwelling Die
Sizzix/Tim Holtz Village Surf Shack Die
Geami Packing Paper
Red Twine
White Pearl
Acrylic Paint
Dye Ink
Chalk Ink
Red Marker


1. Cut the 6x6 patterned papers from the Carder’s Pack (B-sides), Flip Flops patterned paper, and FabScraps Cardstock with the Village Dwelling and Village Surf Shack Dies. Apply brown dye ink to the die-cuts. Assemble the pieces. Cut pieces of Geami packing paper to cover the roof and base of the beach house.

2. Apply acrylic paint to the front cover of the Summer Loving Chipboard Album. Cut a small portion from the bottom of the cover to create straight edge.

3. Use a hot glue gun to attach the beach house to the bottom of the chipboard album cover.

4. Use the Tropical Die Set to cut cardstock to create 2 green palm trees, 2 large red flowers, 2 medium pink flowers, 2 yellow flower centers, and 2 green leaves. Apply brown dye ink to the edges of all die-cuts. Glue die-cuts around the chipboard album cover on either side of the beach house.

5. Use a red marker to color the Beach Life Chipboard words. Glue to the top of the album cover.

6. Apply salmon chalk ink to a shell and starfish chipboard. Glue a pearl onto the center of the shell chipboard. Glue both pieces of chipboard to the album cover.

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Surf Shack Paper Beach Hut with Tropical Flowers Shells and Palm Trees


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