Moonchild Altered Book - ColoriQue by Lisa Marie Jimenez

Moonchild Altered Book by Dana Tatar for ColoriQue by Lisa Marie Jimenez

Hi! I'm super excited to share my first official project as part of the ColoriQue team today! This month the team is focusing on upcycling thrift store items and found objects. I had a great time at the thrift store with my Mother-in-Law and used several of my purchases for this piece. I cut up and into an old book for this piece. I used ColoriQue to create a galaxy paint effect on both inside pages of this book, as well as on the front and back covers. I combined a lot of different materials on this project and ColoriQue works on all of them!

I'd love to have you stop  by the Lisa Marie Jimenez blog for my full tutorial. I share how I colored metal, glass, clay, ceramic tile, and paper with ColoriQue. I also share my thrift store finds, which you'll definitely be seeing more of in the coming months. If you're curious about the inspiration behind this piece, I talk about that too!

Clearsnap Supplies:

A special thanks to Activa for supplying the Hearty Super Lightweight Air Dry Clay.

Other Supplies: Book, Lace, Ribbon, Twine, Lightbulbs, Metal Stars, Metal Photo Holder, Ceramic Tile, Chipboard Letters, Glue, White Gesso, Black Pen

Tools: Craft Mat, Single Hole Punch, Scissors, Craft Knife, Electric Drill, Forstner Bit, Drill Bit, Paintbrush

Moonchild Altered Book Tutorial by Dana Tatar for ColoriQue by Lisa Marie Jimenez


  1. How exciting! HUGE CONGRATS! I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this! The colors are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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