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Song Lyrics Rotary File Stenciled Card Catalog by Dana Tatar for StencilGirl

Hi! I'm super excited to be a Guest Designer for StencilGirl today! My brain is about 90% song lyrics. I have hundreds of CDs and have to admit that in this age of digital music, I still buy them. Why? Besides having a superior sound, I love the little booklet that comes along with the music. It usually contains photos of the band/musician (eye candy), excellent artwork (more eye candy), and if I'm lucky, the song lyrics. I've cataloged just over 350 of my favorite lyrics on colorful stenciled cards for this project. This wheel of verses is the closest thing I have to a diary. Spinning through these cards makes me happy, not only because they are alphabetized, but because I know that they will serve as a starting point for a lot more great art.

I have a short video that shares a peek at my cards as they spin around.

You can find my tutorial and supply list for this project on the StencilGirl blog. A big thanks to StencilGirl for the following stencils:

9x12 Wheel in the Sky Stencil Designed by Kae Pea
9x12 Numbers Stencil Designed by Seth Apter
9x12 Guitars Stencil Designed by Daniella Woolf
6x6 Circle Play Stencil Designed by Margaret Applin
6x6 Travel Note Stencil Designed by Rae Missigman

I hope you'll stop by!

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Song Lyrics Rotary File Tutorial by Dana Tatar for StencilGirl


  1. This is sooooooooooooooooooo awesome! I love that you did this!! So clever and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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