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ColorBox Blends 2 Heart Shaped Paw Print Pet Hook

Hi! I'm sharing how I embellished a heart-shaped hook for my sweet puppy Peach for Clearsnap today. I used the NEW ColorBox Blends 2 and Paw Prints Ink. Peach was super excited to be included in this project. I love this decorative hook! It's perfect to hold a leash and collar.

Heart Shaped Wood Hook Painted with ColorBox Blends 2 Coconut Ink

Use a paintbrush to apply a base coat of Coconut Blends 2 to a wood hook. Designer Tip: The base coat will help cover the dark wood and ensure that any colors added in subsequent steps are vibrant. Dry the ink with a heat tool.

Heart Shaped Wood Hook Painted with ColorBox Blends 2 Ink

Brush on several colors of Blends 2 in a fun pattern. Designer Tip: Use the tip of a paintbrush handle to apply small dots of ink. Allowing the ink to sit and blend created a finish like fired pottery. Cover the wood with Clear Embossing Powder and apply heat to set.

Stamped Pink Dog Paw Prints on Heart Shaped White Cardstock

Cut several pieces of white cardstock to fit inside the frame portion of the hook. Apply ColorBox Paw Prints Ink to your pet’s paw and gently press onto the cardstock. Pick a favorite paw print and glue it into the frame. This bight pink ink is just one of seven fun shades.

Stamped Pink Dog Paw Prints on Heart Shaped White Cardstock Covered with Acetate

Cut a piece of acetate (or product packaging) to fit inside the frame to protect the print.

Letter Beads on a Stamped Pink Dog Paw Print Heart Shaped Decorative Hook

Glue letter beads that spell your pet’s name onto to the frame.

Clearsnap Supplies:
ColorBox Blends 2 by Eileen Hull: Bay, Beach, Coconut, Hydrangea, Leaf, Melon, Pansy, Sunshine, Tutu, Wildberry
ColorBox Paw Prints Ink: Pink
ColorBox Embossing Powder: Clear

Other Supplies: Heart Hook; Letter Beads; Acetate (Product Packaging)

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ColorBox Blends 2 Paw Print Pet Hook Tutorial


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I just love love love love this!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a cute project! Never heard of Paw Prints ink before...

    1. Thanks Susie! The range of Paw Prints ink from Clearsnap is new.


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