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Hi! I'm sharing a home décor piece for Creative Embellishments that was a lot of fun to paint. All you need to create a stunning piece of art for the home is one of the Creative Embellishments laser cut wood designs and some acrylic paint. I started with the Wood Doily and used simple acrylic paint techniques to add color to this piece. The intricate design gave me a peacock feather vibe, so I chose a color palette full of purples, greens, and blues.

I started brushing on acrylic paint from the outer edge, following the designs cut into the wood. I worked my way around the piece and into the center.

Once the doily was painted, I used the end of my paintbrush handle to add contrasting dots of acrylic paint to the piece.

I'm thrilled with the result! I'm thinking of picking up a couple more designs from the Home Décor Section of the Creative Embellishments Store and creating a colorful trio to hang on my back porch. Check back soon for similar finished pieces.

Creative Embellishments Supplies:
Wood Doily

Other Supplies: Acrylic Paint: DecoArt

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  1. Amazing what you can create with a bit of paint and your imagination! It is gorgeous!


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