Take a Hop Through the Dollhouse!

The Design Dollies invite you to "Hop through the Dollhouse!" Join the Dollies for their first ever Blog Hop, celebrating the unique individuals that make up this dynamic team of Dolls!

If you've arrived from Chiqui's blog, then you're on the right track. If you've come across the hop by accident, you can join in by starting at the beginning at The Dollhouse and hopping to each blog in order.

You can read the bio's of the original Dollies and the current Design Team over at the Design Dollies Blog, where there are lots of fun facts, stats and trivia. You can get to know us a little better this weekend by visiting our personal blogs and checking out our "Getting to Know You" projects.

Here's mine:

Paper: Jenni Bowlin
Alphas: American Crafts
Rub-on: Basic Grey
Glitter: Pink Paislee
I can remember my first kiss like it happened yesterday. I LOVE office supplies. I'm addicted to chocolate and reality television. Music has helped me through the tough times in my life. I milk my birthday for the entire month. I love the color black. I always sleep great on the couch. I like to eat cake for breakfast. I want to own my own business some day.

To begin your hop, start here at the
2. Then, take a gander at our founding Dollie’s
Corner of the Studio.
3. Make sure you take out your
Scissors, Paper and Pen for this DT's inspiration!
4. Next, head to the
Land Down Under for another creative (and peaceful!) visit!
5. And THEN, prepare yourself for some cutting edge
Nerd Scrap motivation!
6. After which, prepare yourself for
The Chronicles of Orange...
7. Once you’re ready, check out amazing
Snapshots of a Dollie's Life.
8. And try some
Tatar Salad {You Are Here} while you're at it
9. Before you encounter the glam that is
SO glam she sweats glitter
10. Wrap up your Dollhouse tour with some literary inspiration ala
Jane Austen style!

All the dolls thought it would be super fun to share a bit more about ourselves so we could all get to know each other a little better. I added some random facts about myself to my "Getting to Know You" layout. I also used my favorite color, black, and added some bling, which is always a must have! I hope you've enjoyed reading a little more about me.

If you take a glance at the Design Dollies title bar, you’ll notice that the Dollhouse has a HUGE variety of personalities, talents, and areas of interest represented just by our Dollie selection! Each Dollie pictured was selected to represent each Dollie at his or her finest. As a thank you for joining in the blog hop and visiting my blog, I'm offering a little prize! All you need to do is to leave a comment on this post, telling me which of the Dolllies on the Design Dollies header you think is mine. (I've numbered the Dollies to make selecting a Dollie easier. Please click to enlarge.) Everyone who guesses correctly will go into my draw. I'll announce the winner here on Tuesday, or you can check the Design Dollies Blog where all the lucky winners from this hop will be posted.

Blog candy: 2 packages of Tim Holtz Grungeboard and 2 Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads. If you've never tried Tim Holtz products before, you are going to LOVE them! Grungeboard is a compressed flexible sheet of dingy material with a debossed texture that can be painted, inked, sanded, hammered or grunged. Included in this RAK is 1 package of Digits & Punctuation Grungeboard (171 pieces and 9 complete fonts) and 1 package of Elements Grungeboard (94 shapes). Distress Ink creates an aged look on papers, fibers, photos and more! Included in this RAK are 2 ink pads in Fired Brick and Walnut Stain.

Next on your hop through the Dollhouse is Nicole. You have until Sunday at 10 PM EST to join in the fun... hop to it!


  1. MMMMM....chocolate and reality TV - even better when combined!!!

  2. Hey Dana, I loved reading more about you :) I'm addicted to chocolate too! And I don't know what it is about the couch, but mine contains good sleep vibes too :)

  3. Hhmmm, let me see. My guess is No.2?!! A bit of black, a bit of bling, a bit of sass?!!

  4. Neat learning more about you! I love sleeping on the couch, too... peaceful. I'm guessing you are #3, at first I thought #2, but changed my mind. Lovely LO!

  5. Oooh, Cake for breakfast! GOOD idea!!! :)

  6. yummy yummy...would really love a piece of chocolate cake right about now. as far as the dollies go I am guessing #2. thanks for the fun little hop

  7. I had cake for breakfast just today; it was even chocolate! I think you are the barbie doll. I'm old enough that my barbie looks almost like that!

  8. lovely page. I think cake is a good thing at any time. I think you are dollie #2. Why? I think she kind of looks like you.

  9. It's morning now in my part of the globe and we have some cake in the fridge...hmmm you gave me an idea. LOL! thanks for sharing some fun facts!

  10. Really cool page, and I'm jealous of your pretty handwriting... Hehe~
    Wishing you all luck on your own buisness dream! ^o^

  11. Great page! I am thinking you are the barbie?! Love the glasses if you are! :)

  12. welllll, i know which dollie is yours (brilliant choice, too!), but i loved reading your fun facts, and your page ROCKS. so elegant and beautiful in its simplicity. i'm also with you on the music, the chocolate, and the cake for brekkie. :D

    much love, girlfriend! you know i think you rock!

  13. Gorgeous LO!! I have NO idea which doll is yours, so to take a stab in the dark ... the one with the glasses and measuring tape???

  14. I think (cant see numbers very well) the dolly with shades and ultra cool black/white top :)
    Great blog hop :)

  15. I think I am totally sucking at this......LOL. Ok I am picking barbie in black and white and the shades...just cuz i can totally see you in those shades girl....lol

  16. I have you dollies all mixed up! Now I think the 4th from the right is you (it won't let me enlarge to see the number).

  17. I love your page - and agree with the chocolate and cake comment!! Hmmm I think you might be dollie No. 6 in the glasses because you say you like black and she is mainly wearing black.
    Thanks for the blog hop!

  18. Hey Dana lovely LO its soo gorg! i think your dolie is no.2 so chic just like you! x

  19. If the cake is CHEESEcake it's an even better breakfast choice (IMHO that is!!)
    Love the layout and I think you are dollie #2 - at least I think that's a 2, I can't seem to enlarge your picture - the dollie in black and white with the funky sunglasses. She seems to match your layout best. Off to hop some more - thanks for the fun!

  20. he he... love your facts... we have a lot in common!! I'm guessing #2 with the sunglasses... Robin

  21. Hi! Love the paper selected for your LO!
    My guess is that you are the doll #5, the one with the yellow dress, since I remember this doll previous july!!

  22. Oh, I'm going to have to say that you are Dollie #2, and I really hope I'm right because I love Tim Holtz stuff and I'd really like a chance to win!

  23. Hi Dana! Love your LO - very cool!
    The image won't let me enlarge - so can't really see the numbers - but I'm gonna guess the toon girl with the brown bob and white dress. I'm thinking she's #7 - or at least 7th from the left.

  24. HI there poppign by on the dolly blog hop:) I think you are the dolly with glasses dark hair and a flower on her shirt (just a random guess lol) :)

  25. Loving the black and white layout!! Absolutely gorgeous!!


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