Ribbon Wreath

Colorful Looped Ribbon Wreath Made From Ribbon Scraps
Poly Foam Wreath
Miscellaneous Ribbon  (200 Five-Inch Pieces (30 yards))
Greening Pins

As soon as I saw Charlene Driggs' ribbon wreath on the May Arts Blog back in September, I knew I wanted one for my home. Using Charlene's instructions, this wreath was both easy and fun to create and the end result is beautiful.  The most difficult part of this process for me was choosing my ribbon colors.  I created this wreath for a Christmas decoration for my home, and living in Florida, I do not experience the snow and ice that decorates the typical winter landscape.  I wanted to create something fresh and vibrant to celebrate my non-traditional winter so I decided on bright color palette.  I packed up all of my Christmas decorations weeks ago, but decided to leave this wreath hanging on my wall.  I think the colors are also perfect for spring, something I could use a little of right now.

Follow this simple 2-step process to create a ribbon wreath for you home. This wreath uses 5-inch pieces of ribbon, so it this is a great way to use up those ribbon remnants that aren't quite long enough to tie into bows.

1. Cut ribbon into 5-inch pieces.
2. Roll each ribbon piece into a circle. Pinch the ends of the ribbon together where they meet and place a greening pin over the pinched ribbon. Insert the pinned ribbon into the foam wreath. Repeat this process with each ribbon piece until the wreath is full.

I alternated the style and color of the ribbon pieces as I filled this wreath. Try grouping colors to create stripes or a rainbow, or choose ribbon colors that support your favorite sports team.

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How to Create a Colorful Looped Ribbon Wreath from Scraps


  1. Whoa, how cool and colorful! *o* Amazing work!
    I'm tempted to give the tutorial a try myself...

  2. That turned out so pretty and what a fun thing to display in your house! Thanks for sharing.

  3. love it! so original and pretty!

  4. That is sooo pretty! I really love the pops of teal!

  5. Oh wow Dana, how cool is this!!! It looks amazing and I'd want to display it through the year too :)

  6. OOO! How fun! Love the teal bling ribbon in there! :)


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