Momenta Guest Designer!

I'm so excited to share my Guest Design projects for Momenta today!  When I was asked what I would like to work with, two collections were at the top of my list, Family Forever and Back Country.  I was thrilled to open my box of goodies and find both collections inside!  All of the projects I will be sharing today use supplies from both collections, which coordinate very well.
I love patterned paper and frequently draw my inspiration from printed designs.  I like to cut elements from paper to make embellishments for my projects.  The colorful leaves featured in the Back Country collection immediately caught my eye and I used them to create a  wreath for a layout.

Momenta Supplies: PA-2358, PA-2240, PA-2331, ST-4079, ST-4789, ST-4837, ST-4838, ST-4738, ST-4793

To make this wreath you will need the following supplies:

Leaves cut from 2 sheets of patterned paper
Floral wire
Floral tape
Circle template (I used a bowl)
Needle and thread
Wire cutters

Step 1: Wrap the floral wire around your template, twist the ends together and cut.  Note: I used a circle shape, but any shape could be used.

Step 2: Wrap the floral wire with floral tape.  Note: The tape covers the sharp ends of the cut wire and will also add strength to the wire frame.

Step 3: Assemble the base of your layout and add a photo.  Decide where to place the wire frame for the wreath and stitch it into place using a needle and thread.

Step 4: Glue the leaves around the wire until it is completely covered.  Add a title and embellishments to finish the layout.

The same steps can be followed to create a floral vine.

Momenta Supplies: PA-2358, PA-2240, PA-2331, ST-4716, ST-4858, ST-4837, ST-4838, ST-4793

While creating my layouts I noticed that Momenta papers are foiled, glittered and shimmery, and many have a canvas-type feel.  With so many great textures to play with I created a mini album that is as fun to touch as it is to look at!

Momenta Supplies: PA-2240, PA-2331, ST-4791, ST-4793, ST-4858, ST-4079, ST-4838, ST-4793, ST-4789, ST-4716, ST-4837, ST-4516

I hope my projects have inspired you today!  Thank you again to Momenta for your generosity.  I had a blast working with these products!