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Colorful Handmade Flowers with Layers of Lace, Netting, and Tulle

Today I'm sharing a quick tutorial on how to make your own Princess Petal flowers for Your Memories Here.  I love flowers and the Webster's Pages Princess Petals are some of my all time favorites.  The soft layers of fabric are so romantic and the flower centers have the perfect touch of bling with just a single pearl or rhinestone. I've had a package of Webster's Pages Netting in my stash for some time and thought I'd try to make my own Princess Petals.

Here is a photo of my inspiration piece.

These flowers are quick and easy to create with some basic supplies.

Supply Photo with Lace, Netting, and Tulle

Webster's Pages Netting
Prima E-line Pearls and Crystals
Needle and Thread
Pile of Cut Lace, Netting, and Tulle Circles

Step 1: Cut several different sizes of circles from the netting and tulle. Note: I used 10 circles for each flower.

Pile of Cut Lace, Netting, and Tulle Circles with Burnt Edges

Step 2: Using a lighter, carefully melt the edges of each circle. Note: This step will help smooth any uneven edges and also seal the fabric to prevent it from fraying. It is not necessary to touch the fabric to the flame to melt the edges of each petal. Be careful not to burn the edges of the fabric or your fingers!

Stack of Lace, Netting, and Tulle Circles Stitched Together

Step 3: Stack the layers of fabric from large to small and stitch the petals together using a needle and thread.

Finished DIY Princess Petals Handmade Flower

Step 4: Finish the flower by adding a rhinestone or pearl to the center.

I'll be using my new flowers soon! You can stock up on lace, rhinestones and crystals by visiting the Your Memories Here Store.

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Colorful Handmade Flowers with Layers of Lace, Netting, and Tulle

Colorful Handmade Flowers with Layers of Lace, Netting, and Tulle


  1. These flowers are stunning! What a great way to be creative and save some money by making your flowers. Smart girl. I may have to give this a try.

  2. Cool..;) I have a bunch of WP fabric to use..thanks you rock!

  3. LOVE this! I like yours a lot more- they look custom- and I LOVE bright yellow and magenta- together! Will have to try this. Thanks for swinging by my blog today- crossing my fingers but even if I don't make it I am so GLAD I finished my Mom's curio project- it's been on my desk for MONTHS. :)

  4. Uhmmm. so I pinned this here:
    and so far it's been repined 20 times- in an hour!!! I hope this means extra traffic your way! This is a great tutorial!

  5. Just came by to catch up! I love your fauz princess petals .. just awesome! Hope you are doing well!


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