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My two young daughters love to play dress-up. Most of their play jewelry consists of elastic string and small plastic beads, which unfortunately do not hold up to much pulling and stretching. This bracelet made from ribbon is not only fun to make and easy to personalize, but it also stands up to the rough play of young children!

3/8-inch ribbon
1/8-inch ribbon
Craft thread
Fabric glue

Step One: To make each bead, cut a 5-inch length of 3/8-inch ribbon, fold it in half and, starting with the cut ends of ribbon, wrap around the skewer. Apply a small amount of fabric glue to the first loop of ribbon to secure.

Step Two: Wrap the length of ribbon around the skewer and secure with pins.

Step Three: Cut a small length of craft thread, wrap it around the ribbon and tie a tight double knot. Remove the pins and slide the ribbon bead off the skewer. Repeat the above steps for the desired number of beads. Note: I made eight beads for my small bracelet.

Step Four: Cut a 12-inch length of 1/8-inch ribbon and thread the beads onto the ribbon.

Step Five: To stop the beads from sliding off the ribbon, add a small button to each end of ribbon.

Secure the bracelet to the wrist by tying a simple bow. Try using these ribbon beads to make a necklace or hair clip!


  1. How sweet is this little bracelet well done dada I bet your girls love them . Hugs Elaine


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