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A kusudama ball is a made with twelve kusudama flowers. Kusudama balls can make an impressive table or hanging decoration. The kusudama ball may look complex, but comes together with just a series of simple folds and some glue. With the myriad of patterned papers available, kusudama balls can be easily personalized for any occasion.

60 3x3 inch paper squares
Rhinestones (optional)

Step One: Starting with one piece of paper, fold the square in half, bringing the bottom corner up to the top, creating a triangle. Next, fold both the left and the right corners up to the top of the triangle, creating a square.

Step Two: Take the sides just folded, and fold them down to the edge of the square. Next, carefully open up the folds just created, and press them down flat. Fold in the small triangular flaps that overhang each side.

Step Three: Fold the triangular pieces on each side up along the center crease. Apply adhesive to one side of the paper and bring the sides together to form one petal. Repeat this process for the remaining pieces of paper to form the rest of the petals. Glue five petals together to make one flower. Continue gluing petals together to make 12 flowers.

Step Four: To assemble the ball, divide the flowers into two piles of six flowers. Start to glue the flowers together one petal at a time. Gently hold the flowers together until the glue is dry. Glue the remaining four flowers around the first flower to create one side of the ball. Repeat this process with the other six flowers.

Step Five: Glue the two halves of the ball together. Add rhinestones to the center of each flower.


  1. Dana thank you for the tutorial what a fabulous item well done Hugs Elaine

  2. wow wow wow! this is so amazing! love it!


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