Product Review: Sophisticated Finishes Patina Green Set

Sophisticated Finishes Product Review by Dana Tatar

I wrote a product review for the antiquing set that I used on the layout that I shared yesterday and thought I would share it here. I have not been paid for my opinion. I'm just sharing some more information about a product that I love. Thanks for stopping by today!

Adding a patina finish to surfaces yields a rich and beautifully aged appearance. The Sophisticated Finishes Patina Green Set reduces what would take many years of weathering to just minutes. Apply the solutions to any paintable surface for fantastic results.


The Patina Green Set is not a paint or faux finish. These chemicals cause copper, brass and bronze to oxidize as they might naturally, given years of exposure to the elements. The Patina Green set contains one metallic base coat and one patina solution. Treat the metallic base coat with the patina solution to create a true patina finish. The patina solutions work on genuine metals, like copper, brass and bronze, as well as non-metal surfaces, like wood, plaster, glass, ceramic, canvas, cardboard and plastic. Also available from Sophisticated Finishes are Instant Iron and Instant Rust Solutions, just under a dozen colors of Metallic Surfacer Solutions, a Primer and Clear Sealer specially designed to prepare non-metal surfaces and Tinting Solutions that create subtle, darkened antique effects.

Sophisticated Finishes Copper and Patina Green Aging Process Tutorial on Metal Keys by Dana Tatar

I first tried this solution set on a trio of metal keys. I began by applying a base coat of Sophisticated Finishes Primer and Clear Sealer, sold separately (Photo 1). I then applied a coat of Copper Metallic Surfacer (Photo 2). The coverage was not complete after just one coat so I added another coat of Copper Metallic Surfacer to each key (Photo 3). To create a patina finish, I applied a final coat of the Metallic Copper Surfacer to each key, and while the coat was still slightly wet, added a coat of the Patina Green Antiquing Solution (Photo 4). The patina effect started to develop immediately. I left the keys to dry after this step for about an hour. I wanted to add subtle darkened effect to the keys so I applied some Black Tinting Solution, sold separately, to select areas on each key (Photo 5). I finished the keys with a coat of the Primer and Clear Sealer (Photo 6).

I am thrilled with the results of this antiquing set. I was able to create a fabulous patina on my keys, a quality finish that I was unable to replicate with my skill set with the patina inks, paints and powders on the market.

Sophisticated Finishes Copper and Patina Green Solutions on Non-Metal Surfaces

One of the features of this antiquing set is that it claims to work on any paintable surface. I put this set to the test on pieces of chipboard (Photo 1), plastic (Photo2), cardboard (Photo 3) and plaster (Photo 4). I applied a base and topcoat of the Primer and Clear Sealer and highlighted each item with the Black Tinting Solution, just like my trio of keys. To see the same quality finish replicated on non-metal surfaces was exciting. The piece of chipboard did become a little wet with all the layers of solutions and portions of the top paper layer began to peel away. I did not mind this surface peeling, and actually quite like the resulting textured surface. The most challenging surface to cover was the piece of plastic as it was quite slick. I had to add extra coats of the Copper Metallic Surfacer to cover the piece. I think this antiquing set easily provides an excellent patina effect with amazing results that speak for themselves.

Produces what would take many years of weathering to just minutes.
Not a paint or faux finish, actual oxidation takes place.
Works on genuine metals like copper, brass and bronze.
Works on non-metal surfaces like wood, plaster, glass, ceramic, canvas, cardboard and plastic. Several antiquing sets are available in a variety of colored finishes.

The primer/sealer and tinting solutions are not sold with the antiquing sets.
The patina is restricted to exposed surfaces, is fragile, and can flake off.
May be harmful if swallowed and may cause skin irritation. Wear suitable gloves.
Not suitable for use by children.
If you are not comfortable working with chemicals, this set may not be for you.

Here is a finished artist trading card that uses the keys shown above.

Sophisticated Finishes Patina Key Process Tutorial and Product Review by Dana Tatar

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Sophisticated Finishes Patina Key Artist Trading Card Process Tutorial and Product Review by Dana Tatar


  1. That looks amazing, where can you source that? In Ireland it is never easy to find stuff locally!!

    1. Hi Cathi! You can purchase the entire Sophisticated Finishes collection at

  2. Very detailed review! I've always loved the look of old copper statues, so I think it's cool that there are chemicals that can create that same patina. Your ATC turned out great!

  3. Love how this turned out! I am going to have to give this a try. TFS

  4. I loveeeeeeee what you did with those paints!! I love love love your tag!!! The keys look fabulous!!

  5. These look awesome, great effect. Love your tag!

  6. Oh thank you. And can i just say THANK YOU!!! I've been hunting like a mad crazed beast for a decent patina solution to give me a verdigris look. The ranger vintag was an epic fail... pretty, but its clearly just paint and not a real patina. This may well be what I've been looking for! Shame that it takes a few products to get the result, but seems to be worth it in the end. Thank you SO much for your review & handy photo reference!

    Hugs & Hope,
    rachel of OddModicum


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