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Easter Photo Carousel by Dana Tatar for Molossi

Hi! I'm sharing an Easter themed home decor piece that I created for Molossi today. I started with a Dusty Attic Photo Carousel and embellished it with colorful patterned paper, Manor House Creations Flowers, Molossi Sticky Bling and some Easter decorations.

Dusty Attic Photo Carousel

This is what the Dusty Attic Photo Carousel looks like assembled and unaltered. The entire piece spins 360 degrees. The two lattice pieces are stationary. The four solid panels (two are shown above) spin 360 degress.

Dusty Attic Photo Carousel with Vintage Photo Distress Stain by Dana Tatar

I colored the top and bottom pieces with Vintage Photo Distress Stain. When I think about Easter, the first things that come to mind are white bonnets and baskets, so I colored the two lattice pieces with a White Acrylic Paint Dabber. I set these pieces aside to dry overnight. Note: I left the 4 spinning panels natural because they will be covered with patterned paper.

How to Color White Roses with Dylusions Ink Spray by Dana Tatar

I colored some Manor House Creations Teeny Weenies Roses with Bubblegum Pink, London Blue, Lemon Zest and Vibrant Turquoise Dylusions Ink Spray.

Easter Theme Rotating Photo Panels for Dusty Attic Photo Carousel by Dana Tatar

I cut patterned paper to fit the rotating panels. I embellished 4 panels with photos of my daughters and 4 panels with vintage Easter themed clip art. I added Manor House Creations Flowers and some Easter themed embellishments from my personal stash. I finished each patterned panel with stitching and and a Viva Decor Creme Pearl Pen.

Easter Theme Rotating Photo Panels for Dusty Attic Photo Carousel Assembled by Dana Tatar

Here are the four photo panels on the assembled carousel.

Easter Theme Rotating Clip Art Panels for Dusty Attic Photo Carousel Assembled by Dana Tatar

Rotating each panel 180 degrees reveals the vintage clip art.

Easter Rotating Panels for Dusty Attic Photo Carousel Assembled by Dana Tatar

Here's a closer look at the floral clusters. The Manor House Creations Flowers in pink and purple are unaltered. The smaller yellow, pink, blue and turquoise roses are the Manor House Creations Teeny Weenie flowers that I colored with Dylusions Ink Spray.

Floral Lattice for Dusty Attic Rotating Photo Carousel by Dana Tatar

I embellished the white lattice pieces with Manor House Creations Flowers, vine die-cuts, and a triple loop bow. Each intersecting piece of lattice is adorned with a piece of Molossi Sticky Bling.

Peter Rabbit Basket of Carrots and Eggs for Rotating Easter Photo Carousel by Dana Tatar

I had a lot of fun embellishing the top piece of this carousel! This carousel is very strong and I could have piled on a lot more weight without effecting the rotational capability of this piece. I laid down a nice blanket of artificial grass and topped that with eggs, flowers, bows and a resin bunny holding a basket of carrots.

Easter Photo Carousel by Dana TEaster Photo Carousel View 2 by Dana Tatar for Molossiatar for Molossi

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I'm proudly displaying this piece in my home until Easter, when it will be the highlight of my brunch centerpiece!

Molossi Supplies:
Dusty Attic Photo Carousel
Manor House Creations Teeny Weenie Roses - White
Manor House Creations Coordinations - Purple
Manor House Creations Layout Pack - Chic
Manor House Creations Razzles - Pink
Manor House Creations Razzles - Purple
Manor House Creations Vine - White
Manor House Creations Peacock Feather - Pink
Manor House Creations Peacock Feather - Purple
Manor House Creations Lace Butterflies and Hearts
Sticky Bling - Rainbow
Sticky Bling - Lilac
Sticky Bling - Hot Pink
Viva Decor Pearl Pen - Creme
Vintage Photo Distress Ink Pad
Vintage Photo Distress Stain
Dylusions Ink Spray - Bubblegum Pink
Dylusions Ink Spray - Lemon Zest
Dylusions Ink Spray - London Blue
Dylusions Ink Spray - Vibrant Turquoise

Easter Photo Carousel Tutorial by Dana Tatar for Molossi


  1. Wow! Fantastic project! So colorful .. love this!

  2. OMYGOSH!!!!! This is just AMAZING!! WOW WOW WOW!!! I love it!!!!!!!

  3. Dana, this is simply fabulous!! You are so inspiring and never cease to amaze me with your creativity!

  4. Fabulous project Dana! Love it! (And I think I recognize that bunny...)

  5. Wow wow wow, this is an adorable creation!!!!! Super cute Dana!!! :) Bisous!


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