So Happy To Be Here Mini Book - Love My Tapes

Hi! I'm sharing a fun-sized mini book for Love My Tapes today. I used fabric tape and lace tape for this project. The pretty pink trim peeking from under the front cover of this book is lace tape. I'm thrilled to have this tape in my crafty arsenal! Adding this fantastic piece of trim to my book was quick and easy. The adhesive backing of this lace tape allowed me to dress up my project without the messy drying time of a liquid glue.

I crafted this rose with fabric tape! To start, I cut about 20 1-inch pieces of fabric tape. To create the rose petals, I folded the top corners of each piece of the tape down (See photo below). This left the center and bottom portions of the adhesive back uncovered. I then wound each petal around a paper piercing tool. The uncovered adhesive portions of the petals secured the bloom as I worked.

Notice the blue tape in the photo. This is the tape I used to create my rose. I wanted a bold pop of color for the cover of my book, so once my bloom was complete I sprayed it with mist. The fabric tape really grabs color in a fabulous way!

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  1. Wowwwwwww! This is gorgeous!! That rose is AMAZING!!!!

  2. cute..and so creative !! have not missed any of your posts friend :)

  3. Gorgeous and your rose is amazing
    Rosie x

  4. Absolutely beautiful and creative! Love this!


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