Baoding Ball Gift Box - Gauche Alchemy

Chinese Baoding Ball Gift Box by Dana Tatar

Hi! I'm sharing my take on the Gauche Alchemy June Mood Board challenge today. I have a set of Baoding balls that I absolutely love. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Baoding balls, they are also known Chinese meditation balls and are a traditional product of Baoding, China, thought to have been created during the Ming dynasty. Two or more Baoding balls are rotated repetitively in the hand to improve manual dexterity and strength, and they are also said to assist in injury recovery. Most Baoding balls made and used today are constructed as a pair of hollow spheres, one inside the other, with a chime between which rings as the inner ball strikes it. I find the repetitive movement and the chimes a relaxing and a great stress reliever. I recently picked up a set for a friend and was inspired by the Mood Board to embellish the box.

Baoding Ball Gift Box by Dana Tatar

I topped the box with a bright yellow ribbon, glass floral vines, coins and a stamped image that I colored and glazed.

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