Upcycled Tomato Cage Christmas Trees - Canvas Corp

Hi friends! I'm sharing a pair of trees that I created for Canvas Corp today. My daughters have been asking for small trees to decorate and set up in their rooms for a couple of years now and I finally made it happen with an little inspiration from Pinterest and some Canvas Corp supplies. I found a pile of rusty tomato cages under my deck and knew that I could transform them into something wonderful. I tried, unsuccessfully, to grow tomatoes over the Summer so I know these tomato cages will not be missed! With a little bit of paint and a couple of rolls of Deco Mesh Ribbon, I am proud that I was able to re-purpose these metal cages. This project was super fun and simple!

1 Roll Canvas Corp Lime Deco Mesh Ribbon (21-inch by 10 yards)
1 Roll Canvas Corp White Deco Mesh Ribbon (4-inch by 20 yards)
Canvas Corp Natural Jute Cord
Canvas Corp Lime Green Hemp Rope
Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint - Jade
Battery-Operated LED Light Strands
Tomato Cages

Wire Brush
Sponge Brush
Sand Paper

Here are the tomato cages that I rescued from my yard. They were pretty mangled, so some re-shaping was necessary before I could start this project. (Shiny, new tomato cages will also work!)

Step One: If using a weathered tomato cage, remove dirt and rush using a wire brush and sandpaper. Apply a coat of Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint. Note: I wanted a smooth finish on my cages so I cleaned them up a bit. The Tattered Angels Paint is designed to cover virtually any surface without sanding or priming. I did not sand my cages down to fresh metal, but painted directly over the rusty surface shown in the photo and got great coverage with just one coat of paint!

Step Two: Attach strands of battery-operated LED lights to the tomato cages using Natural Jute Cord. Tie the "legs" of the tomato cages together to form a point using Natural Jute Cord.

Step Three: Cut 8-inch pieces from the roll of Lime Deco Mesh Ribbon.

Step Four: Roll the ends of Lime Deco Mesh Ribbon together, fold in half over the second ring of the tomato cage, and attach to the cage with a piece of twine. Repeat, working around the cage from the bottom to the top, until the cage is completely covered. Note: I threaded the twine onto a needle to help tie the mesh to the cage.

Step Five: My tomato cages had three rings. I did not add any mesh to the bottom ring, or base, of the cage. Once the middle and top rings were covered with rolled deco mesh, I gathered 8 rolls of mesh and tied them around the top of the cage to cover the upper portion of the tree. Note: I used almost a full 21-inch by 10 yard roll of Lime Deco Mesh Ribbon for this design.

Step Six: I also chose to make a white tree for variety. I used an entire roll of White Deco Mesh Ribbon (4-inch by 20 yards) for this design. I tied the "legs" of the cage and attached the lights in the same manner as my green tree. The roll of white mesh ribbon was not as wide, so the rolled mesh design from above would not work. Instead, I used the "legs" of the cage to hook the end of the mesh ribbon to the top of the tree. Pulling from the full roll of mesh, I twisted the ribbon and secured it to each ring of the cage with twine, only cutting the mesh when I reached the bottom of the cage. I repeated this process until the entire cage was covered with lengths of twisted ribbon. I finished this tree by tying a white bow around the top. Note: If I were to make this white tree again, I would paint the tomato cage white, or gold for a more elegant finish, and use white jute cord to attach the lights. The white mesh does not hide as much of the cage as the green mesh.

Here is the finished white tree.

My girls have plans to decorate these tree with ornaments. If you're a fan of Canvas Corp products, they offer a fun range of holiday designs, like burlap and canvas tree skirts, burlap and canvas sheets, fringe, shapes, and flowers, and a rainbow of colored cording and rope that would pair nicely with these trees. Visit the Canvas Corp Store to view the full collection!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!