Comic Book Superhero Ensemble - Walnut Hollow

Captain America Comic Book Superhero Ensemble by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow
Wood Letters, Keepsake Box, Shadow Box and Wood Ledge provided by Walnut Hollow.

I'm a guest blogger for Walnut Hollow today! Help bring out your inner superhero with a custom comic book ensemble! I’m helping a friend makeover her young son’s bedroom and I wasn’t finding inspiring items when searching for themed decor at local retailers. I decided to create my own unique pieces featuring her son’s favorite superhero, Captain American. I used basic craft supplies and easy techniques to personalize these Walnut Hollow products.

I altered the following Walnut Hollow wood products for this ensemble:

Walnut Hollow 11″ Decorative Wood Letters - Help make someone feel super special with comic book superhero letters to spell their name. The letters have keyholes for easy hanging!

Walnut Hollow Keepsake Box - This wood box comes with a hinged lid and is ready to alter. I chose an image of Captain America from a comic book to adorn the lid of this box. I was inspired again by Captain America’s patriotic suit and painted a star and stripes on the inside of the box. This box will serve as a catch-all for odds and ends.

Walnut Hollow Rustic Shadow Box - I was inspired by Captain America’s shield for the design of this box. I replicated the circle and star shapes from his shield on the inside of this box. Hang this box over a nightstand or dresser for a wall storage unit or set it on top of a table for some patriotic decor.

Walnut Hollow Rustic Wood Ledge - The American flag motif of Captain America’s uniform inspired the solid stripes and white stars painted on this piece. This ledge can be used horizontally or vertically, right-side-up or upside-down!

Visit the Walnut Hollow blog for the full supply list and instructions for these projects that are sure to please the superhero in your life.

Also, Walnut Hollow is giving away a fab prize pack with everything you need to start crafting with wood: a Walnut Hollow Versa-Tool, Walnut Hollow Basswood Round, and a Walnut Hollow Tablet Holder. The details on how to enter can be found at the end of my post on the Walnut Hollow blog!

I hope you’ll try to create one, or all, of these projects! Simply swap the paint colors, symbols and comic book to personalize the pieces to showcase your favorite superhero. What superhero would you choose? I’m more of a super-villain fan myself.
Captain America Comic Book Superhero Ensemble by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow