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Hi! I'm sharing a fun upcycling project that I created for Canvas Corp Brands today. I'm leaving the studio and going into the kitchen for a quick and easy project that is fun to make. I added color and upcycled an item that was just hanging around. Many of us have just such items like warn out dish drainers, paper towel holders, jars and containers that we either throw away, recycle or store without knowing what to do with them. I hope to inspire you with this simple idea that will add sunshine to your kitchen. Or, maybe you take an everyday kitchen gadget and move it to the studio, library or your desk. It is fun to see what you can create and make functional at the same time.

Upcycled Dish Rack Bookshelf

I’m always looking to bring fun storage solutions into my studio. I recently added a second table to my space so that my daughters can create alongside me. Along with the table came their art supplies, and I’m in the process of making a designated space for their stuff. I’ve seen several upcycled dish rack shelves on Pinterest and I finally found the time to paint one for myself.

Wood Dish Rack before Tattered Angels Decor and DIY Paint Upcycle

My favorite color is green so I chose Viridian for all-over color. The dish rack I painted was stained and sealed. I love that I don’t have to sand or prime to use this paint! I needed 2 light coats of Viridian to cover the wood. I added some fun accent stripes, 2 Jade (covered the green in 1 coat) and 1 Crystal (3 coats necessary to cover the green).

Green, Blue, and White Painted Stripe Dish Rack Bookshelf

I’m thrilled with the colorful result!

Supplies: Wood Dish Rack; Tattered Angels Decor + DIY Paint: Crystal, Jade, Viridian

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Green, Blue, and White Painted Stripe Dish Rack Bookshelf