Hand-Painted Hamsa Journal - ColoriQue by Lisa Marie Jimenez

Hand-Painted Embossed Antiqued Silver Hamsa Journal by Dana Tatar for ColoriQue

Hi! I'm sharing a journal that I altered with ColoriQue by Lisa Marie Jimenez today. I picked up this journal at World Market. (I also found this smaller set online.) The beautiful embossed antiqued silver metal front cover caught my eye right away. Both the front and back covers and spine are wrapped in a vibrant purple fabric. The journal pages are blank. The only thing this journal was missing was some color. Here is the journal before ColoriQue.

Embossed Antiqued Silver Hamsa Journal by Dana Tatar

I used the full range of ColoriQue for this project. I only needed a couple drops of each color to paint this entire journal cover, which measures 4x6 inches. I simply applied ColoriQue to the metal with a paintbrush and let dry. This journal will be handled frequently, so once the cover was completely dry (about 4 hours), I added a protective layer of ColoriQue Sealant.

Hand Painted Embossed Metal Journal with ColoriQue by Dana Tatar

I'm absolutely in love with the vibrant results. I'm planning on picking up several more journals and coloring those as well! I think they would make great gifts!

There is absolutely no prep work or special tools required to apply ColoriQue to most metal, raw brass being the exception, which needs a quick cleaning with alcohol before coloring. Blend and layer different shades of ColoriQue for unique effects. Distress dry ColoriQue with sand paper for an aged finish. Also, try adding ColoriQue to clay, ceramic, glass, wood and leather. ColoriQue dries quickly and is studio safe. Visit Lisa Marie’s Etsy Shop to purchase ColoriQue.

ColoriQue Painted Embossed Silver Hamsa Journal by Dana Tatar


  1. Wow!!!!!!!! This is gorgeous! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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