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Here Comes The Sun ColoriQue Rainbow Layout by Dana Tatar for Clearsnap

Hi! I share a fun tutorial for a happy layout on the Clearsnap blog today. I started my adventures in art with scrapbooking. While I frequently create art projects outside of an album, I always go back to the page. I have a fair amount of older product that I am doing my best to use. The new ColorBox® ColoriQue by Lisa Marie Jimenez line of ink helped me to add a fresh twist to metal flower embellishments for this layout.

I have to confess that when I purchased these metal flowers back in 2012 I thought I would run out within the week. I ordered more than I thought I would need and also picked them up when I saw them in craft stores. A significant amount of these embellishments are unopened nearly five years later. I hope I’m not alone here!

I love the colorful makeover a coat of ColoriQue gave to the flowers. The vibrant color makes me happy and the coloring process took less than five minutes. The rainbow of flowers was a fun way to compliment the double rainbow my Sister-in-Law saw while she was vacationing in the Virgin Islands.

I find ink arranged in a rainbow of color so pleasing to the eye! I used 12 shades of ColoriQue for my layout. There is also a white (Snow Summit), black (Black Diamond), and clear sealant available. I have a nice mix of shiny, matte, and even a brass piece of metal to color. There is absolutely no prep work or special tools required to apply ColoriQue to most metal, raw brass being the exception, which needs a quick cleaning with alcohol before coloring.

Blend and layer different shades of ColoriQue for unique effects. Easily apply ColoriQue to a variety of metals, both raw and plated; as well as clay, ceramic, glass, wood and leather. ColoriQue dries quickly and is studio safe. Visit Lisa Marie’s Etsy Shop to purchase ColoriQue. I'd love to have you click over to the Clearsnap blog for my quick tutorial. National Scrapbook Day is fast approaching and I hope you have some fun plans to celebrate the craft!

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Painted Metal Embellishments with ColoriQue by Dana Tatar for Clearsnap