Bark Edge Board Hanging Shelves - Walnut Hollow

Bark Edge Board Hanging Shelves by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

I'm super excited to share my quick tutorial for how to create a hanging shelf feature from Bark Edge Boards and rope on the Walnut Hollow blog today! I’ve staked a claim on the corner of my family room as a sort of makeshift office for myself. I had created an area that has all the essential supplies necessary to help run a household. While I was able to get things done in this space, I never really wanted to spend more time than necessary at my desk…until now! I injected a big dose of personality into my corner of the room with some handmade shelves and pieces of art that make me happy. It's no longer a chore to sit at my desk and I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one drawn to this new space. The entire family is spending more time in the room thanks so this fun DIY project, and that's a win-win.

I'd love to have you stop by the Walnut Hollow blog to see just how easy it is to create these shelves.

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Bark Edge Board and Knotted Rope Hanging Shelves Tutorial by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow


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