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Fractured Fairy Tale Cinderella's Heart Shrine Box by Dana Tatar for ColoriQue

Hi! I'm sharing the piece I created for the Fractured Fairy Tale: Cinderella Collaboration with the ColoriQue by Lisa Marie Jimenez Creative Team and the Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts Ambassadors today.

The Relics and Artifacts Egg Shrine immediately caught my eye. After reading this information from the Relics and Artifacts site; “The word Shrine from Latin, scrinium, a case or chest for books or papers, and Old French, escrin, box or case, a dedicated sacred place,” I was sure that this was the right piece to focus on for my portion of the tale. This shrine was the perfect sacred place to hold Cinderella’s heart. I incorporated a silver chest as the foundation for my project. Not only does this chest fit with the literal meaning for the word shrine, it also gave me the opportunity to design and fill a second special place. Cinderella is a love story, so the main focal point of my piece is the Egg Shrine containing the Heart, which I have locked away.

From the beginning of this project I was intrigued by Cinderella's possible motivations and feelings behind her actions. I wanted to go a little deeper with my interpretation of events. My piece is less literal and more symbolic of Cinderella's struggle to move through life while also guarding her heart.

Cinderella has been locked away and wants to break free, but who can she trust? She has been repeatedly let down by the people in her life and needs to guard her heart. Inside the box is a set of winged keys that hold the power to unlock her heart. To whom will she give the key?

Fractured Fairy Tale Cinderella's Heart Shrine Box Chared Back by Dana Tatar for ColoriQue

I chose to distress the entire work to look like it has been through a fire, or cinders. To “char” the box I used a Sponge Dauber to apply Black Diamond and Verdigris ColoriQue to the box. I then used a sanding block to remove the color from the embossed design on the box.

To see how I embellished the inside of the box, and to read my retelling of the first half of Chapter 4, visit the ColoriQue blog.

Fractured Fairy Tale: Cinderella ColoriQue + Relics & Artifacts Collaboration

If you haven't been following this project from the beginning, you'll want to catch up on the previous chapters of the story. The artwork for each piece of the tale is amazing!

ColoriQue: Black Diamond, Frisco Bay, Honey Bee, Ruby Slippers, Sealant, Turquoise Mountain, Verdigris
Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts: Egg Shrine
Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts: Rising Spirit II

Other: Brass Stamping; Crackle Paste; Glitter; Lace; Matte Medium, Metal Rose; Charms; Key; Ribbon; Patterned Paper; Rusty Wire; Silver Box; Silver Rhinestone Trim; Vintage Button

Tools: Heat Gun; Hot Glue Gun; Sanding Block; Scissors; Sponge Daubers; Wire Cutters; Paintbrush; Pliers, Sponge Daubers

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