Pigment Ink Galaxy Card - Aladine

Blue and Purple Galaxy Card with Embossed Gold and Purple Stars

Hi! I'm sharing how to create a shimmery galaxy card using Aladine Pigment Ink, 3D Embossing Powder, and the Stampo Fun Comic Stamp Set today. This is one of the projects that I created for the Aladine Creativation Booth.

Aladine Pigment IZINK: Orchid
Aladine Pigment IZINK Inkpad: Sky Blue, Black, Metal Gold
Aladine 3D Embossing Powder: Amethist
Aladine Stampo Fun Comics Stamp Set
Heat Tool

Black Cardstock Card Base with Aladine Pigment Ink

Step 1: To begin, apply Aladine Orchid Pigment IZINK and Sky Blue Pigment IZINK onto a piece of black cardstock. The generous drying time of pigment ink makes it great for blending, so spend time on this step. Next, apply Black Pigment IZINK over the colored ink and around the edges of the cardstock. Continue to apply ink and blend until the cardstock is covered. Set the ink with a heat tool.

Blue and Purple Pigment Izink Card Base with Embossed Purple and Gold Stars

Step 2: Add stars to the galaxy. Sprinkle Aladine Amethist 3D Embossing Powder over the cardstock. Because no ink is used to hold the powder in this step, carefully lift the cardstock up from the work surface and apply heat to the bottom of the cardstock to set the embossing powder. Apply Aladine Metal Gold IZINK to a star stamp from the Comics Stamp Set. Use a wet towel to remove ink from the portion of the design that is not stars. Press the stamp onto the cardstock to add clusters of stars. Repeat until the background is covered. Set the ink with a heat tool.

Step 3: Apply foam tape to the back of the galaxy cardstock and attach to a folded card base.

Here is a video tutorial:

I love the sparkle and shine of this card and the recipient is sure to feel the same way! If you have a project that features Aladine ink stop by the Aladine Facebook page and share your work!

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Blue Purple and Gold Metallic Izink Galaxy Card


  1. Wow wow wow!!! This is STUNNING! I am LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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