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Metal Pendant with Embossed and Hand-Painted Butterfly

Hi! I'm sharing a metal pendant that I altered for Clearsnap today. ColorBox Color Eclipse Ink is a mixed media ink that is easy to blend and can be layered and mixed for dramatic finishes. Whether you want a patina effect, a single color, or a fine-detailed design, Color Eclipse can do it all! This ink works on a variety of metals, both raw and plated, as well as clay, ceramic, glass and wood.

Metal Pendant with Stamped and Embossed Butterfly

1. Apply Thunder Pigment Ink onto the butterfly stamp from the Butterfly ClearStamp Set and press onto a metal pendant. Sprinkle Black Embossing Powder onto the stamped butterfly. Gently tap off the excess embossing powder and apply heat to set.

Metal Pendant with Orange, Teal, and White Painted Butterfly

2. Shake each bottle of Color Eclipse for about 30 seconds. You will be able to hear the bead in the bottle mixing the ink. Apply small amounts of each desired color onto a craft mat. A few drops go a long way! Use a paintbrush to color the pendant with Color Eclipse. Let dry for at least 3 hours.

How to Seal a Painted Butterfly Pendant with ColorBox Color Eclipse Sealant

3. Protect the pendant with a coat of Color Eclipse Sealant. Let dry. Attach the pendant to a chain.

Clearsnap Supplies:
ColorBox® Color Eclipse Ink: Marina, Neptune, Verdigris, Vermillion, Avalanche, Garnet
ColorBox® Color Eclipse Sealant
ColorBox® Pigment Ink: Thunder
ColorBox® Embossing Powder: Black
ColorBox ClearStamps: Butterfly

Other Supplies: Spoon Pendant (ArtC), Necklace Chain

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Stamped and Embossed Metal Butterfly Pendant with ColorBox Color Eclipse Tutorial by Dana Tatar for Clearsnap


  1. You seriously amaze me every time I stop by here!! This is GORGEOUS! I love the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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