Dye Ink Watercolor Flower Canvas - Aladine

Purple Red and Orange Flower Mixed Media Canvas

Hi! I'm thinking Spring with this vibrant flower canvas that I created for Aladine. I used various forms of dye ink to create watercolors that I used to paint this piece. I started this project with an adult coloring page and had a great time adding color and texture with Aladine products.

Mixed Media Flower Canvas Supplies Aladine Izink Inkpad Spray and Felt Brush

Aladine IZINK Dye Inkpad: Cassis, Rose
Aladine IZINK Dye Spray: Orange
Aladine IZINK Dye Felt Brush Pen: Grenadine, Aurore
Aladine IZINK 3D Texture Paste: Cactus
DIY Multi Geometric Square Stencil
6x6 7Gypsies Architextures ArtBoard
Joanne Fink Flowers Coloring Book Page
Carbon Paper
Craft Mat
Palette Knife

How to Use Carbon Paper to Transfer a Color Page Design onto a Canvas

Step 1: Use a pencil and carbon paper with an adult coloring book page to transfer a flower design onto a canvas.

How to Outline Mixed Media Flowers with a Red and Yellow Izink Dye Felt Brush Pen

Step 2: Use Aladine IZINK Dye Felt Brush Pens to outline the transferred design.

How to Use Izink Dye Inpads to Color a Mixed Media Flower Canvas

Step 3: Press Aladine Dye IZINK onto a craft mat and spritz with water. Use a paintbrush to apply the watercolor ink to the canvas.

How to Apply Izink 3D Texture Paste over a Stencil

Step 4: Use a palette knife to spread Cactus IZINK 3D Texture Paste over the Multi Geometric Stencil and onto portions of the canvas.

Here is the video tutorial:

Dye inks look, feel, and behave like water. The color is clear, vibrant, quick-drying, and really fun to work with! The translucent properties make them great for blending and layering techniques.

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How to Create a Mixed Media Flower Canvas with Dye Izink Products from Aladine Tutorial


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