Pleasures Per Diem Monthly Art Journal Binding Tutorial


Pleasures Per Diem 12 Bound Mini Monthly Art Journals by Dana Tatar

Hi friends! I'm sharing a quick tutorial for how I put together the monthly art journals I created using the 2022 Artist Almanac, a collage fodder resource and calendar created by DeeDee Catron and Tina Walker. These small calendar pages were just what I needed to jumpstart my daily journaling practice. The variety of prints produced by the contributing artists in this small calendar served as the base pages of my monthly mini books, to which I added additional layers, colors, doodles, and words.

Mini Art Journal Binding Created from Folded and Scored Pink Cardstock

To create the journal binding, cut cardstock into 2.5-inch strips, the width of an almanac page. Then, score the cardstock every 1/2 inch and fold on the score lines, alternating the direction of each fold. The resulting folded piece of cardstock should look like the one shown above, with a zigzag pattern that has alternating peaks and valleys. Pieces of similarly cut and folded cardstock can be adhered together end to end to create binding for any desired page count. More than one strip of 2.5-inch-wide cardstock is needed to bind together a month of art journal pages.

Top View of Pink Cardstock Art Journal Binding With and Without Album Pages

Here is a view of the journal binding from the top. The art journal pages are attached to only one side of the folded cardstock, which from this angle, is the bottom side of the pink cardstock. Each page is secured to one 1/2 inch fold of cardstock. Be sure to leave a flap of cardstock open at both ends of the cardstock strip to attach the journal cover.

Where to Apply Adhesive on Mini Art Journal Pages to Bind Them Together on a Piece of Scored and Folded Cardstock

Adhere the bottom edge of the even-numbered calendar pages and the top edge of the odd-numbered calendar pages to the folded cardstock binding. The center arrows are in line with the folded cardstock binding and show where to attach each page. I wanted the pages to line up in one direction so that I could view both calendar pages at once in the same orientation. Once the pages were adhered to the binding, I then applied adhesive between the pages to seal the single-sided pages together to make flipping through the book easier. For example, per the top and bottom arrows show above, the pages for March 17th and March 18th are sealed together, and the pages for March 19th and March 20th are sealed together.

Scored Pink Cardstock Journal Cover for Monthly Art Journals Created from the 2022 Artist Almanac Calendar

To create the journal covers, cut Artists' Paper or thick cardstock, to measure 2.5-inches by 8 inches, and score that cardstock at 3.5 inches and 4.5 inches to fold over the bound pages.

Mini Art Journal Cover and Ribbon Binding Design Assembly Instructions

Cut at least a 24-inch length of ribbon or lace and secure the center of the ribbon to the inside of the journal cover. Apply adhesive to the open cardstock flaps and press the cover onto the bound journal pages. Cut additional pieces of Artists' Paper or cardstock to about 2.5 inches by 3.25 inches to cover the inside of the front and back covers of the journal and to hide the ribbon. (Grey cardboard shown above.) 

Inner Art Journal Cover Binding Attachment Closeup

I used black cardstock, instead of pink as shown in this tutorial, to bind my journals. You can see from this photo that the back side of the black cardstock flap, that I left empty when securing the daily pages to the binding, is attached to the journal cover. The blue piece of Artists' Paper is cut to cover the lace closure and decorate the inside cover of the journal.

I stitched a card denoting the month onto the front of each journal cover, but embellishing the covers can be done in absolutely any fashion. If any part of my instructions is unclear, please drop questions in the comments section. 

12 Art Journal Pages Created Using the 2022 Artist Almanac by Dana Tatar

Here are a couple of my favorite journal pages from the year.

I've been flattered and humbled at the positive response I have received after the publication of this project. Looking through these journals at the end of the year brought me so much joy. I have never tackled a project that required a daily commitment to art. The result is 365 pieces of my inner world and the most personally rewarding project that I have ever completed.

Details on how to purchase an Artist Almanac as well as inspiring work by artists who have been working with them can be found in the Artist Almanac Facebook Group.

If you're interested in reading all of the articles pertaining to this set of art journals, you can purchase the following issues directly from Stampington and Company.

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Pleasures Per Diem 12 Bound Mini Monthly Art Journals by Dana Tatar