School Bus Album Holder - Moxxie

Hi! I'm sharing a fun altered school bus album holder for Moxxie today. I'm a big fan of creative packaging and probably would have bought just about anything that came packaged in this bus that originally held applesauce! With a little bit of patterned paper, stickers and rub-ons, I have dressed up this box, which now holds the School Days Mini Album that I created last year, with the Moxxie School Zone Collection.

I used a school photo of my oldest daughter to fill in one of the front windows of the bus. She is thrilled to be the driver! Once I receive school photos of my youngest daughter in a couple of months, I'll add here picture to the other front window and also store her mini album in the bus.

I used School Zone stickers and patterned paper to cover up the majority of the text that was printed on this box.

If you're a rub-on fan, you're in luck! The School Zone collection includes 3 rub-on sheets and a rub-on book! The color and detail of these rub-ons are fantastic. I've used my favorite corner rub-on on the top of this bus.

I used more stickers and patterned paper to cover the text on the back of the bus.

If you missed my School Days Mini Album post last year, you can find the tutorial for this album HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


  1. love this beautiful upcycling!! and using the pic of your daughter is 'a master stroke', makes the whole thing come alive and personal!!


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